Audio services…


For me, music is an evolving learning process. As a commercial composer, I always see my work as a collaboration. Sometimes with another musician or artist; sometimes with a partner in another artistic field or production environment. With every client, I seek to contribute to a process in a way that focuses on the central vision of the project. Beyond that, when asked to produce original music, I strive for fresh and thematic ideas that provide a unique identity and mood for your project.

Having composed music professionally for over 30 years, I have covered almost every imaginable style for such media formats as: film, television, video-game (console, Windows, Mac OSX, online, handheld, Apple iOS and other game platforms); website and interactive music-design, artist-development, soundtrack recording, and commercial video.

Being versatile means having access to a lot of tools – both digitally and those relating to experience and education in a variety of acoustic and electronic musical instruments. I compose in a wide range of styles and instrumentation (live orchestras of all sizes, sampled / synthesized instruments, combinations of the two). My music production studio includes an extensive virtual instrument library with 1,000’s of instrument sounds to suit any style of music.


Great sound design requires more than selecting sound effects from various sound libraries. It requires an ability to conceptualize a unique type of sound a visual element would produce; then the ‘art’ of creating original sound effects comes into play – through the process of field recording, sample-editing and manipulation with effects and multiple sound element balancing.

Based on years of experience as both a composer and sound designer, I have found that a trained ear is a valuable asset – both in the process of sound creation, and in the mixing stage – when sound effects must work in harmony with music to create a final soundtrack that enhances the drama of the visual experience. I have worked with software engineers to create highly interactive sound design for games, using proprietary 3D sound-placement techniques to put the gamer right in the middle of the action. I have also developed ‘signature’ sounds for company ‘image’ and logos and sound design and implementation for web content and online games.

For maximum flexibility, I use both Mac and PC platforms with such audio applications as: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Audition, plug-ins and virtual instruments by Waves, Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, Steinberg, Izotope, Heavyocity, IK Multimedia, Toontrack and others.


  • Dialogue recording and editing… including design of audio script in consultation with creative talent, recording supervision and talent coaching; editing of dialogue elements for proper concatenation of dialogue fragments; AI-dialogue-design for interactive games; file-preparation for final delivery.
  • Music editing and synchronization with visual elements.
  • Remixing and adaptation of existing music.
  • Audio preparation services – audio editing and format conversion to digital audio files in various formats for Mac, PC and web-based delivery; audio restoration; and music mastering.
  • A network of music professionals, talent and associates located in Los Angeles and the Southern California area to offer access to the best audio production services available.